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Angie's Bio

Angie Simpkiss - the Mystic Healer (IPHM; RHA; DipHe; MHN) is a respected and trusted healer/therapist (IPHM Registered) and Instructor/Trainer based in the UK. Angie is a Quantum Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Transformational Alchemist; also, Creator & Founder of the ‘Creative Mind Alchemy’ Programme, and the system of ‘Soul Embodiment & Quantum Field Re-calibration’. She retired early from her position of Psychiatric Nurse/Manager in 2008 (NHS) to focus on her spiritual and healing interests. For many years she has worked as a Psychic/Mystic and always had a great interest in the esoteric arts. These days Angie works more with metaphysical energy, Reiki and Quantum healing. Her role as a Holistic Therapist is to help the client recognize their own innate healing abilities and personal power, enabling them to become the architect of their life rather than leaving it to fate to decide an outcome. 


As an Instructor/Trainer Angie teaches  Energy Recalibration Therapy Practitioner workshops; Reiki Workshops & Home Study Courses.


As a Mystic she also teaches, Tarot Course: 'Supporting Your Soul Journey with the Tarot’ and ‘Advanced Dowsing Techniques’.  Angie's online shop:   is for like-minded free thinkers, Mystic Seekers and the Adventurous.

Provides High Quality Esoteric Products & Courses to help you develop & Grow. Something for everyone from the beginner to the experienced psychic, mystic, spiritually minded.

Esoteric, Mystical, Tarot/Oracle card decks, Crystal-ball, Gemstone Trees & various other gemstone products, Manifesting kits, Starter Magical Packs, Candle magic, ribbon reading, dowsing, Incense & oil burners, books, Chakra/Aura products, Aromatic Fragrance Products, Dream Catchers, Dowsing Course (advanced & downloadable), etc. Everything to help you develop & Grow. Be sure to pay a visit, you may find the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

Angie is a (retired) Mental Health Nurse, Truth-seeker, Soul Searcher, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader and  Holistic Practitioner. She has been involved in Spiritual/mystical & metaphysical light-work for over 40 years and has become increasingly involved in the healing Arts since the 1990s. 

Code of Ethics

  • To maintain a  high standard of professional and safe environment for the client.
  • Keep healthy boundaries and practices.
  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Allow the client to feel empowered at all times.




  • I do not attempt to diagnose a client’s physical or psychological condition, prescribe a treatment or suggest or approve of going against a doctor’s advice

  • Fees and financial arrangements, as with all contractual matters, are always discussed without hesitation or equivocation at the onset and are established in a straightforward, professional manner.

  • I may at times render service to individuals or groups in need without regard to financial remuneration.

  • I neither receive nor pay a commission for referral of a client.

  • I am careful to represent facts truthfully to clients and referral sources regarding credentials and services rendered.

  • I do not malign clients, colleagues or other professionals.

  • I promote therapies, self-improvement, and Psychic Tarot Readings  in a positive manner.

  • As a practitioner I continue to update my knowledge and skills.


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