Crystal Light Balance  Therapy

Crystal Light Balancing is a simple process and can never do any harm. It works to calm the mind, align and balance the subtle polarities within the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level or bodies allowing for holistic healing. This is achieved by properties of the various colour rays and the increase of energy through polarisation of the Crystal Light Balancing crystal tip.

When cells in a part of the body are not receiving enough energy (Qi) due to a blockage of some type, generally emotional or attitudinal, there is illness or disease. When the blockage is removed, energy is brought back to the area to rebuild, strengthen and heal the ‘energy-starved‘ cells and we have well being again.

C.L.B  Works:

  • Firstly:  through assisting the body and mind to recognise and clear the blockage, whether it is conscious or subconscious.

  • Secondly: by accessing the emotional states that are underlying the concern, and bringing them to consciousness, allowing them to be recognised; and once brought to the attention, subsequently healed.

  • Thirdly:  Assists in bringing strength and therefore health back to the area.


As disease may begin in the mind and attitudes, we treat the emotions that are causing the body to be out of balance.

In its easiest form, the process of healing is viewed simply as energy. When something blocks the flow of energy to the cells, whether this is physical damage or lack of energy flow within the body, the cells lose vitality, possibly then effecting the organs and you are sick. At this point the body desperately needs energy to these cells and the way we restore and balance energy is through the Crystal Light Balancing Technique which utilizes, kinesiology, crystal and chromotherapy (colour).

If the lack of energy has already created an illness within the body and orthodox treatment is necessary then a far better cure is to utilise complimentary therapy alongside the orthodox treatment.

At no point are we actually working directly with an organ or an illness/disease. We are improving the energy flow around the body and harmonising the way the body feels about the emotional states, to enable the body to cast off the illness itself

Just Some of the Symptoms Shown When in Need of Different Colour Rays:

High temper, nervous, nervous system Imbalance, large ego, sluggish, overactive, self-centred, weak, timid, repression of true thoughts, lazy, feelings of guilt & grief, chills, tiredness, apathy, anaemia, poor circulation, depression or worry.



Rigid thoughts, unreachable dreams, shy, poor health, aloof, unclear skin, poor mental faculties, caught up in emotions, feeling life is bleak and dull, pessimistic, nervous exhaustion, constipation, diabetes.


Overbearing, self-centred, temperamental, over sensitive, indecision, inconsistency, aloofness, vanity, rigid emotions, deep depression, psychically blocked, obsession, worry, psychosis, hearing concerns, control over base desires, confusion.


Infectious disease, nervous, excitable, making decisions the hard way, carrying a burden, under pressure, lacking direction, difficulty in choice making, traumatised, lacking in personal insights, reddened skin.


Lack of love for self or others, selfishness, anger, rage, resentment, irritability, bitterness, distressed, lack of contentment, cancer, weakness, emotionally imbalanced.

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