Learn to Read the Tarot Workshop

The Guilded Tarot Deck

Rider Waite Tarot Deck

During this One Day Workshop You Will Learn About:

  • Major Arcana / Minor Arcana

  • Tarot Suits / Court Cards

  • The Fool's Journey / Tarot Unmasked

  • Tarot Spreads: 3 card spreads; Celtic Cross; Astrological Spread

  • Numerical Meanings of the Minor Tarot Cards  (1 - to - 10)

What You Receive:

  • 19 Page Manual: Supporting Your Soul Journey with the Tarot

  • 18 Page Guide: Part One - 'The Fools Journey' - Part 2 - 'Tarot Unmasked'

  • Tarot Reading 'Headings' on double-sided laminated sheet (To assist with starter readings)

  • Court Card Position 'cheat sheet' (Celtic Cross Reading - Handout)

  • Pages - Knights - Events 'cheat sheet' (Handout)

  • Tarot Meanings 'cheat sheet' double-sided laminated 

  • Celtic Cross - Card position meanings - Double-sided laminated sheet

  • Astrological Spread - Card position meanings (4 page handout)

  • Wonderful teachings/Much learning & lots of fun with like-minded others!

  • Certificate of Completion 

At the End of this Workshop You Will Be Able To:


Carry out Basic Tarot Readings using at least 4 of the  8 'headings' (and possibly/probably all 8 headings!) that you learn about in the workshop

All This For Only £65 - Now that's what I call a Bargain!


NB: If you are interested in booking onto this workshop please let me know the dates you are available and I will work around you.  For two-four attendees only, the workshop will be conducted in small intimate venues in either West Bromwich or Walsall/Brownhills. For larger groups, An appropriate size venue will be booked in same areas. 

Don't have the time to attend a Workshop? Don't want the inconvenience of the travel? Don't drive? Don't have Child-Care?  


No problem! Learn to read the tarot in the comfort of your own home!

© 2019 Angela (Maggie) Simpkiss - Energy-Recalibration

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