Meridian & Chakra Balancing

Certificated   practitioner  Workshop

One Day Practitioner Workshop

ONLY £125 to become a Qualified  Meridian & Chakra Balancing Therapist.

Special Offer:  If two friends book to attend the workshop together on the same day, the combined cost is £200 A saving of £50 -  SAVING £25 each.

At the end of this workshop students will be able to Utilize Kinesiology – Pendulums - Crystals - Colour in order to:
  • ​Carry out Pre-Tests to ensure that the body is talking to the brain and brain is talking to body.

  • Use Kinesiology (Muscle testing/Bio Feedback), & Pendulum Dowsing to assess and identify meridian imbalances.

  • Identify the emotions that are contributing to the imbalanced Meridians.

  • 'Run the Meridians' with appropriate meridian coloured crystals whilst clearing the emotional imbalance/s. (Different Colours/Crystals carry their own individual healing frequencies).

  • Use Pendulum Dowsing to balance the main chakras of the body, including the Soul Star and Earth Star.

  • 'Lock the Balance in'. 

How It All Works:

The Meridians (rivers of energy) are intricately interlaced with the Chakra centers/vortices and the physical body. An energetic imbalance or blockage in any one of the meridians or chakras,  will have a knock-on effect with the whole of your subtle energy bodies, resulting in illness and/or disease in the physical body.

Our emotions, thoughts and attitudes (which are energetic patterns) send signals to our subtle energy bodies; A Positive attitude and emotions send positive high frequency signals to our subtle energy bodies,  which allows a continuous flow of energy/chi within and throughout our whole being, in a similar manner in which water naturally flows along a stream.


However, if that stream or river encounters an obstacle which slows its flow, an imbalance within the natural activity of the river builds up until the obstacle is cleared. If the obstacle remains, there is a risk that the stream or river will eventually become blocked altogether by an increasing number of twigs, leaves and rubbish; the water will then struggle more and more to bypass the blockage, and will eventually overflow its bank creating floods within the land! 


The blocked stream/river is a good metaphor to explain what happens when our 'rivers of energy' (meridians) become imbalanced or blocked. A knock-on effect occurs creating an imbalance within our chakra centers. When our subtle energy bodies become imbalanced or blocked, the cells within our physical body are slowly starved of energy/chi. (Drying up the land/physical body!).


In this case our imbalance or blockage is created through A negative attitude and/or stressful/traumatic/negative emotions, which are vibrationally heavy and slow, impeding the flow of our energy/Chi between the meridians, chakras and our physical body.


Some of our emotions may well be subconscious/unconscious (hiding) and may well have been repressed/not dealt with, for years! 'Kinesiology- Muscle testing' speaks directly to the Super conscious, Conscious and Subconscious aspects of your mind via 'Biofeedback' in order to access information and bring it to consciousness. In this manner, the troubling emotions can be accessed, identified and cleared/healed.


If the attitudinal and/or emotional imbalances are not cleared, we will start to feel 'out of sorts', 'off colour', 'out of sync', and generally unwell. Illness and dis-ease occurs if the cells within our physical body continue to be starved of energy/chi. 

This is why it is important to identify and clear the emotions contributing to the imbalance

When you maintain a healthy, balanced energy level, a real sense of wholeness is experienced


Sustaining a vibrant and flowing energy system is the key to a healthy life.


Included with the course:
  • ​Free Pendulum
  • 46 page Manual
  • 17 page 'Quick Reference Guide/Instruction Sheets' for use when carrying out a 'Meridian and Chakra Balance' procedure. 
  • Many digital downloadable handouts.
 A set of  7 crystals/gemstones can be purchased from me
     If you wish to bring your own crystals/gemstones to work with  ...
You will need to bring with you five crystals, one each of: RED, YELLOW, WHITE (clear Quartz), BLUE, and GREEN, (You will need these to 'Run the Meridians); either natural/raw  - or   tumbled/polished 
Tumbled or Polished crystals/stones have been processed by hand and/or machine, whereas Raw or Natural crystals have not - they are pretty much as they came out of the ground. 
There are various opinions & beliefs surrounding Raw & tumbled crystals/stones eg;
"Processing crystals/stones changes their natural healing frequencies, and therefore, some believe that they may not be as effective when used for healing".
However,  follow your own beliefs & preference when choosing Crystals/Gem Stones. 
Choose the crystals that you resonate with.

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Special Offer: £200 - If two friends book to attend the workshop together on the same day, the combined cost is £200 A saving of £50 -  SAVING £25 each.

£125 Each Person - Paid in Full.

NB: If you are interested in booking onto this workshop please let me know the dates you are available and I will work around you.  For one or two attendees only, the workshop will be conducted in small intimate venues in either West Bromwich or Walsall. For larger groups, an appropriate size venue will be booked.

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