Pendulum Dowsing 


1) - Pendulum Dowsing Chart containing instructions 'how to use' along with meanings/interpretations on the reverse side

(A4 laminated).

2) - Archangel Dowsing Chart containing instructions 'how to use' with meanings/interpretations on the reverse side for answers from 7 Archangels (A4 laminated).

3) - Numerology Chart showing how to calculate your 'Soul Vibration', 'Personality Vibration', 'Destiny Vibration', and Life Path/Lessons Vibration, with meanings/interpretations on reverse side. (A4 laminated).

4) - One Pendulum so you can get started straight away!  

ONLY £7.50 + £1.25 P&P 


 (£8.75 in total)

Pendulum Dowsing Advanced

I decided to create this course to help those of you who are ready to make life changes. ‘Alchemy Advanced Dowsing’ goes beyond the basic yes/no pendulum dowsing. ‘Alchemy’ is about CREATING CHANGE!

We cannot change a past negative event that occurred

but we can change the energy around it that may be lodged in our cellular memory/Holographic field! We can also Prepare the Energy of Future Events so that we get the most out of them.


  1. Work with Universal and personal Energy Fields

  2. Know how to Protect Yourself before each Dowsing Session Conducted

  3. Transmute non-beneficial energies into positive/beneficial ones

  4. Change negative/non-beneficial Energies of the Past

  5. Turn any Future Event into a Roaring Success

  6. Heal from past emotionally traumatic events

  7. Release your fear of Public speaking/Doing Presentations/Workshops

  8. Free yourself from limiting beliefs surrounding Money that may be preventing you from experiencing more prosperity and abundance in your life

  9. DNA Activation's

  10. Communicate with Spirit using a Pendulum and Dowsing Board

  11. Dowse Past Lives using a Pendulum and Dowsing Board


What You Receive:

58-page Manual (PDF format - download link)

10 handouts (Zipped folder download link - includes double-sided copy of dowsing board)

** Print out the Dowsing board - both sides if you wish, and glue onto cardboard to strengthen.

Quantum Revolution-Dowsing_edited.png

For more information - Click image above to download free info.

All this for only £29.95


** Nothing will be sent in the post. This Home Study Course is by download link only. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your link as it may take this long for me to receive notification of payment. Please ensure that you include your email address on your order for you to receive your links.

If you can't wait to receive your download link, you can get it immediately, by going to my online store:


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