Price Guide

Cost of therapy will be agreed with Client at time of booking - prior to commencement of the therapy session


Therapy sessions usually take about one - to - one & half hours,  although this isn't written in stone! If you require more time, depending upon your needs, I am quite flexible.


this allows time for me to explain the concepts and process of the different therapy techniques that I offer which, also helps you to understand your role within the healing methods. Healing is a 'two-way' process;  I  'facilitate' the therapy session in a manner that assists you to tap in to your own innate healing abilities. It's easy when you know how! 


I like to allow time for you to discuss your issues and ask questions. 'Talk-Time' itself is therapeutic because it helps to build rapport  and trust in the healing process. It also allows for a natural transition from one therapy to another.

Soul Embodiment & Quantum Field Recalibration

Reiki Healing Therapy   


Crystal Light Balancing', (energy healing for emotional imbalances/energy blockages within the meridians & chakras)    


Quantum Holographic Therapy (which helps to clear deeply held emotional issues/imprints and unhelpful beliefs from the subconscious mind, cellular memory of the body and holographic field).

The particular therapy I utilize in any given healing session is determined by the client's needs, the client's energy body and client's preference of choice. The client & myself will make a joint decision following discussion/advice of same. 




Soul Embodiment & Reiki

Combined in

one therapy session


The Simple Path to Healing



Refunds are not given for downloaded Digital Goods. Once purchased the product is yours!


If you experience any difficulties downloading any of the digital products that you have purchased from this website, then please get in touch straight away so that I can help to resolve the issue.  If the issue cannot be resolved, only then a full refund will be given.


Angela (Maggie) Simpkiss

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