Quantum Holographic Therapy

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What is Quantum Holographic Therapy? 

Quantum Holographic therapy is a powerful process that works on the quantum/cellular level. The power of your thoughts and feelings shape your whole world. You’re Life, good health or illness is shaped by what you think, feel and believe. Our negative or unhealthy beliefs can cause dis-ease in the body as well as negative patterns and problems in everyday life. Quantum Therapy helps you to re-imprint these negative patterns with positive, healthy patterns which helps the body  to start healing itself.

What does Quantum Holographic therapy do?

Quantum Holographic Therapy helps facilitate positive change: 

“Research in cellular biology has shown that whenever we feel an intense emotion which we then repress or shut down because we cannot cope with it, specific chemical changes occur in our cells and the memory remains stored there".


When a past trauma or event takes place we quite literally store this information in our cells, major organs and our energy system, if it is not resolved dis-ease or negative life experiences can hold us back from living a healthy and/or successful life. Deeply held emotional issues and unhelpful beliefs are stored in our cellular memory and holographic field; anxiety, fear, insecurity, a sense of abandonment and rejection, or feeling unloved, unworthy or not good enough, are all examples of energetic blockages that dis-empower us and prevent us from living the life we desire. Ancestral imprints and past-life imprints affect us in the same way … they hold us back from expressing our full potential.


Negative imprints/patterns within our energy system and cellular memory continually vibrate at low frequencies, attracting further low frequency negative experiences into our lives’ until they are cleared and healed. 


Quantum therapy neutralizes adverse or damaging energetic frequencies/patterns/imprints/cords (within our subtle bodies/holographic energy field) and replaces them with a more harmonic and healing frequency pattern.

Any physical or emotional difficulty you face has a counterpart in your energy system - and healing can be affected from this level.

Dianna Cooper states:

“Your DNA is your instruction manual.  The thoughts, emotions, beliefs and karma of your ancestors has profoundly affected the DNA you have inherited.  And your own thoughts, emotions, beliefs and karma have continued to influence it.  Therefore, some of the information coded in your DNA is no longer in alignment with your Divine Blueprint”.

Emotional Imprints 


It is important to understand that our energy is not static. It doesn’t just sit around us as if it were a painted picture. Our energy is engaged in a constant exchange with the energy of the world around us; and therefore, our energetic imprints, in a similar manner to our finger prints, provide our energetic identity ie; ‘what is contained within our quantum field and therefore, what we are putting out into the world’. This is what clairvoyants ‘see’ and ‘pick-up’ when they read our aura.


It is because of our energetic ‘entanglement – connection’ with the world around us that it is possible for us to leave traces of our energy on objects or places. Strong emotions can very easily imprint themselves on the world around us as well as in our energy fields. Homes, workplaces, even hotel rooms can develop a distinct build-up of emotional imprints. These imprints linger in the subtle reality, affecting everyone who comes into contact with them on a deep and unspoken level.

Deeper Levels of Ancestral Imprints: Ancestral Beliefs about Money, Work, Success & Wealth

Your ancestors may have had beliefs, judgments and thoughts about money success & wealth from an era that thought wealth was measured by how many cattle they owned.


Also, what about their beliefs about women and work or business success. Things are different now, but how much of that programming is still running deep within you? 

Past Life Religious Vows, Oaths and Promises readily agreed, or agreed out of fear.


for example; If, in a past life you were a ‘Priest, Monk, Nun’ or had membership within a church or religious organisation, you would have taken a vow and oath of allegiance to the organisation; a vow of celibacy and poverty perhaps.


In this life a vow of poverty still exists at some energetic level (sometimes as an imprint but can show as an energetic cord), so time after time we try to materialize abundance, but it just doesn’t happen, and we wonder why. Not realising that the cords of agreements once made are still active, and that we continue to be attached to them, we become discouraged and despondent and start to believe that ‘this is our lot – nothing we can do about it, better just accept it.

Quantum Holographic Therapy is a natural healing method


Quantum therapy effects change within all aspects of our ‘Being’ – via our energetic system; auric field, chakra system, as well as our emotions and body and even our lifestyle/experiences, through the process of re-patterning our quantum energy field with healing frequencies.


Quantum therapy is about making small changes in our energetic anatomy that produce large results.

Quantum therapy may start with something as small as a positive thought or word, an image or an act; these small events create huge ripple effects that positively impact our health and life.


Your Quantum energy field is your ‘blue-print’, your ‘spiritual DNA’ or ‘Memory Bank’; it is a record of who you are now, who you were in the past in childhood, your ancestry and beyond into past lives; it also holds the knowledge of your potential future.  It contains your credentials, it’s your attitudes, thoughts, emotions and beliefs; your Quantum energy system holds all your experiences past and present; your loves, likes, and fears. Your quantum energy field is ‘holographic’ in nature and therefore, any change that is made in any part of your energy field, affects the whole.


During the course of a quantum therapy session we work through four stages or steps. The first three stages involve clearing and releasing; the fourth stage involves re-patterning/re-calibrating the quantum energy field. 

The Four Stages/Steps of Quantum Holographic Therapy

Step 1:      Clear negative imprints/patterns

Step 2:      Cut negative energetic cords (If any are present)

Step 3:      Assist earthbound spirit attachments (Souls) to transition into its rightful place (If any are present)

Step 4:      Re-pattern and re-calibrate/balance all subtle bodies/quantum holographic energy field. 


As you journey through the 4 stages of healing, balance will be restored within the emotional and mental subtle bodies as well as the physical body.

© 2019 Angela (Maggie) Simpkiss - Energy-Recalibration

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