Soul Embodiment & Quantum Field Recalibration

Accredited Therapist

Our Soul Energy, also known as our 'Spiritual Essence' and 'Inner Core' resides in the very Heart of our Being and within every cell of our body. Our Soul and Higher-Self embodies the 'why' of our existence, our meaning and purpose in life.  

The pull of our Soul energy grounds us by making solid contact with the earth, especially through our feet and legs.


When we are grounded we are: “Rooted in sensation, feeling, action, and the solidity of the material world. Grounding provides a connection that makes us feel safe, alive, centered in our-selves, and rooted in our environment”. (Anodea Judith 2004 ‘Eastern Body Western Mind).


 Your Soul, or the very Essence of who you truly are, can be thrown off balance by chronic and/or acute stress, anxiety, illness, accidents, and trauma.


When this occurs communication between your inner self/soul and physical body becomes more and more disconnected, to the point where you may feel numb or flat, or just don't feel comfortable in your skin!


Total Soul Embodiment is Essential in order for us to fully heal and harness our potential for rapid

personal growth.



Full Soul Embodiment allows us to Feel comfortable in our skin, Allows us to feel Grounded &

Alive again

Quantum Field Recalibration

'Quantum Field Recalibration' goes 'hand-in-hand' with

Soul Embodiment

 This is because: The bridge that links Soul & Body is

'Energy/Information Exchange'

There is a continuous energy/information exchange between our Soul and Body via our chakras, aura, meridians etc., and when this breaks down, at any level, your health is impaired.


Recalibration of your quantum energy field simply means to: 'Adjust', 'Amend', 'Modify', 'Finely-Tune' or Re-align your subtle energy bodies.

When you maintain a healthy, balanced energy level, a real sense of wholeness is experienced

Removing energy blocks, re-aligning, and Increasing the flow of your energy allows the body to re-balance and heal itself. With regular maintenance, your subtle energy body will naturally bring you  into alignment and balance. 

It's that simple. Sustaining a vibrant and flowing energy system is the key to a healthy life.

I use some or all

of these

Energy - vibrational tools

when recalibrating your energy bodies

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