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For Your Information: There are 2-3 Guide books where I have underlined a few words or phrases on 2 -3 separate pages. This does not detract from the excellent quality of the cards.

Take Note

These tarot/oracle card decks are classed as ‘Used’ (even though they have hardly been used and are as good as new!) and are being sold as such at 50% or more off the original price. Therefore, this special offer Sale does not include a ‘Returns Paid’ option. If you decide the deck is not right for you and wish to return it, you must return it within 14 days of purchase, in the same excellent condition that you received it; and you will need to pay for the return postage costs. If any cards are missing or damaged or altered in any way; and if the box is missing or damaged, I will be unable to refund any monies to you. When you purchase one of these tarot/oracle card decks, you are agreeing to this returns policy.​

When ordering please ensure I have your postal address or at least, your email address so that I can contact you directly. For those of you who view on mobile phones, inbox/message me with your order so that I can invoice you. 

Cosmic Ordering Oracle Cards & Guidebook – Barbel Mohr. Was: £11.99 / Now half price: £6.00 + £3.75 p&p

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards & Guide book - Was: £12.22 Now half price: £6.00 + £3.75 p&p.

Earth Magic Oracle Cards & Guide book  Was: £14.51 / Now half price: £7.25  + £3.75 p&p

Work Your Light Oracle Cards & Guide book.

Was: £14.51 / Now half price: £7.25 + £3.75 p&p

Flower Therapy Cards & Guide book  - Was: £12.22 / Now half price: £6.00 + £3.75 p&p

Talking to Heaven Cards & Guide book -Was: £12.22 / Now half price: £6.00 +

 £3.75 p&p

Life Purpose Oracle Cards & Guide book

Was: £12.22 / Now half price: £6.00

+ £3.75 p&p.

Numerology Guidance Cards & Guide book - Was: £12.18 / Now half price: £6.00

+ £3.75 p&p.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards & Guide book

Was: £14.99 / Now half price: £7.50 + £3.75 p&p

Chakra Reading Cards & Guide Book - was-

£14.21 / Now half price: £7.00 + £3.75 p&p

Ascension Cards & Guide book - was - 

£14.99 / Now half price: £7.50 + £3.75 p&p

Astrology Reading Cards & Guide book

Was: £14.49 / Now half price: £7.25 + £3.75 p&p

If you prefer to purchase New oracle/tarot cards or any other Mystical, New-Age products, go to my online store. 

Energy Oracle Cards & Guide Book - Was £12.98 Now half Price: £6.49 + £3.75 p&p


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