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throughout the Months of

December 2019 - January 2020

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I believe  tarot readings can help us to make better choices in life through the insight gained about possible future

events & situations. 

I Work with the Following Psychic Disciplines

  • Tarot Card Readings – Private One-to-One / Unique Individual Readings

  • Crystal Ball

  • Preselie Blue Palm stone

  • Mystic Merlinite Palm stone 

  • Psychometry

Preselie Blue Palm Stone            Mystic Merlinite Palm Stone

I  Offer The Following Types of Readings! 

Tarot  - Health/Wealth/Love/Work      £15     *Perfect for a 3 months ahead snapshot. 

30-45 minute Clairvoyant  Reading £25 (using some or all of the psychic disciplines listed above).   *Perfect to answer any questions or concerns, plus a look at other areas of your life: Love, Money, Career, Family, Friends, Your Challenges, Potential, Spiritual Path & more.   ( This reading is  more in-depth  regarding your present & future potentials).

Do you wish to gain insight, guidance and indications about future possible events and situations? Do you need clarity for Challenges you may be facing? Or, would you just like to have a peep at some of the potentials that are presenting to you? 

Isn't it better to know what's in front of you, what you may be (subconsciously) attracting? If you don't like what is Potentially heading your way, you will have gained the insight  that will enable you to change direction if you so wish!  Your Life - You Choose!

For more information or to make an appointment my contact details are listed below in the footer and under the 'Contact' tab in the header.

Please Note: This service is for over 18s only. All Psychic Tarot readings are entered into voluntarily. By receiving a reading, you are stating that you are 18 years old or over and there is no known awareness of any mental health condition that could affect the interpretation or misunderstanding of a reading on your part. To read the full disclaimer click on the following link: 

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